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Flask Top Sellers For 2013flask top seller

“I was a bit surprised at what the numbers revealed.” — Derrel Allen, owner

2013 was a great inaugural year for MyFlasks.com. The success of this ecommerce business lands on the marketing acumen of one Derrel Allen, owner of myflasks.com. Starting from scratch, and knowing the competition for flasks was quite daunting, he set out to prove that with the right stuff, anyone can be successful with online sales.

Here they are, the flask top sellers for 2013:

  1. 8oz faux leather wrapped flask, KTFLASKBW.
    1. This is not surprising. This flask is on sale for less than $5 and it looks terrific. It smells like leather, feels like leather and looks even better than some leather. Plus it holds about 5 shots of your favorite spirit.
  2. 8oz flask with golf medallion, KTFLASKGOLF.
    1. A little explanation is involved. Even though in actual sales, this item made #2, in reality, if it weren’t for one major sell, this flask would have been at the bottom. It is a very nice flask for the golfer. sleek and stylish. No wonder the golf tournament sponsor ordered so many.
  3. 8oz basic stainless steel flask, KTFLASK8.
    1. You want a cheap flask? Here it is. Under $4, 8 ounces so you have 5 shots, and quite sleek. Yes, it’s plain, but it does the job.
  4. 80z flask for groomsmen, KTFLKGRM.
    1. The gift flask for groomsmen in 2013. Stylish with a very memorable Groomsman medallion emblazoned on  the face. Perfect gift for toasting the new bride and groom. Expect better sales of this flask in 2014!
  5. 8oz American flag wrapped flask, KTFLKFLG.
    1. Lot of people were showing there patriotism and American pride by having this beautifully simulated leather flag wrapped 8 ounce flask. Whether toasting Independence or a proud veteran, this flask provided the perfect container for your favorite American spirit.
flask for sale
Flask with faux leather, 8oz, stainless steel.
flask for golfer
Flask with golf medallion, 8oz, stainless steel.
cheap flask 8oz
Basic flask, 8oz, brushed stainless steel.


groomsmen gifts flask
Flask for groomsman, 8oz, stainless steel.
flag wrapped flask
Flask with USA flag wrap, 8oz, stainless steel.


There you have it. The top five flasks for sales in 2013. With all of the celebrations to be attended in 2014, there are great opportunities to share a drink with friends and family.